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Is Your Tech In Check?

It’s been a great start to the new year! How is your technology fairing? Here are some ideas on what to check to get the most from your technology in the 2018 and beyond.

Verify Your Backup

Data Backup isn’t enough if you don’t periodically verify your backup to ensure it is available for recovery. How often do you test it?  Do you have multiple ways of testing it and retrieving it?  If this isn’t part of your routine systems maintenance, add this to your list now to ensure you can rapidly restore your business systems if you suffer a data loss or breach of privacy data.

Certify Your Compliance

Most industry regulations including The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) require periodic certification to demonstrate compliance. Updating your policies and procedures related to network security and other best practices is part of demonstrating PCI compliance. If you are considering online commerce in the new year, also plan to including periodic network monitoring to maintain PCI compliance throughout the year.  Help with your PCI compliance issues are only an e-mail away.

Create a Security Checklist

The threat of cyber-attacks is expected to grow quickly. Hopefully by now you have created a Cyber Security Checklist to ensure that you are protected- and make sure you can mitigate exposure if an attack does happen. The American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICP) has a 20-point Cyber Security Checklist that is worth a read.

Upgrade Your Network

Your WAN and LAN are the backbone of your company’s technology platform. Today’s applications put more demand on your network than ever. Increased traffic from communications and collaborations applications, VoIP, and digital media puts additional strain. Multi-location organizations, and those with remote employees, also need reliable network infrastructure.  Look at your network, telecom, and even your energy expenses to see where you may have contracts coming up for renewal. Chances are you can get better performance and save in the new year.

Plan your Cloud Migrations

Cloud adoption and growth will continue to outpace adoption of other technology, including data center, hardware, and legacy software deployments. Looking at your cloud investments can you still make a solid business case for them?  Have your company’s needs changed? Get a handle on your compliance requirements and pick your strategy for public, private and hybrid cloud deployments. There is a good fit for most budgets and for most companies large and small.

Don’t let 2018 get away from you. Contact your technology advisor to ensure your tech is in check!