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Every business is different, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. We get it. That is why our process has three important parts; Layout, Legwork, and Launch.

This repeatable and reliable methodology helps our clients get around the “one size fits all” mindset that dominates the traditional technology distribution approach.

Getting down into your business through a thorough systematic process is the key to delivery of better-performing and more cost-effective business telecom voice and data networks.

Here’s what we do:


What kind of voice, data and cloud solutions do you currently have?

How are you using your current services?

Are you paying for services you don’t really use?

These are the key questions Accurate Communications will ask you during the all-important layout phase. Accurate Communications performs a thorough review of your current voice, data, and cloud networks, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, and pinpointing areas for cost and performance improvements. This review is designed to identify the starting point from which we move forward.


Once we complete this voice and data network analysis, we’ll come back to you and have an in-depth and frank discussion about not only where your systems are today, but also about where you see it going over the coming years. Do you anticipate scaling up or down? Do you want to take advantage of new technologies? Are you planning to expand your suite of services?

We understand that a high-performing voice, data or cloud network doesn’t just address your current needs, but has the ability to scale up or down along with your business. When we design your new system, that’s exactly what we’ll achieve.


Once we’ve created a plan for your new voice, data or cloud services, Accurate Communications will oversee all the ‘fine print’ details to make sure it gets deployed in a timely and efficient manner. Accurate Communications takes care of all of the behind the scenes work, from working with individual providers to putting together a service package to negotiating contracts, porting numbers, and extending wiring and infrastructure. We make sure that the carrier-vendor-customer relationship is seamlessly coordinated.

We would be happy to see how our process might match up to a project you don’t have time or resources to complete.  Talk to us today.