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Here are a few of the questions we hear most often.

Question 1: Is using an agent like Accurate Communications more expensive?

Answer: Just the opposite; you don’t pay a penny for our services – – the providers you select pay us. We are a selling channel for the carriers and we happen to be less expensive than their own direct channel – – so they save money when they sell through us. Plus, we get carriers to compete for your business, driving the price down.

Question 2: Wait, so you get better pricing than if I called up Carrier A directly?

Answer: Telecommunications is a competitive business and providers’ prices vary by channel.  We are a wholesale channel, with lower costs than retail. We also get providers to compete for your business, which often can drive down prices to levels below what a carrier/provider direct sales person will offer you. Additionally, we sometimes have access to unpublished promotions.

Question 3: Will my bill come from you?

Answer: Accurate Communications is not a reseller. We are an independent agent (just like an independent insurance agent). There is a massive difference. We don’t handle any billing.  Your service and billing will come directly from the provider(s) you select.

Question 4: What about when something breaks?

Answer: Before your service is installed, we will track and coordinate the installation with you. Once service is installed and working properly, you will first contact your carrier/provider (i.e. AT&T, Comcast, L-3, etc.) However, if you don’t get a swift solution from the vendor, call us immediately and we’ll jump in on your behalf. We send so much business to the carriers that we can often gain a higher level of attention and faster resolution of problems, and we use that to your benefit.

Question 5: What else do you guys do?

Answer:  In addition to our telecom practice, we also offer audio marketing solutions under our EarGlue brand.  Click here to learn more about our marketing products.